Sunday, April 21, 2013

Learning vs. Socialization- Argument/Connecetions

"Education is Politics"
By: Ira Shor

     In this piece Ira Shor argues that socialization is a critical-if not the most critical-aspect of schooling for children. Shor says that it is incredibly important for students to learn how to socialize with their peers and their teachers through school. As I was reading this, I actually though of Delpit and the rules and codes of power that she talks about. She would agree with Shor here, I think, because kids are going to need to know how to socialize properly all throughout their lives, so to be successful those are skills that kids need. Delpit would argue then, that they need to be taught to children in schools as the rules and codes of power.

     Shor argues that this is important because it enhances socialization but also that it by learning to socialize and question each other enhances learning. The story Shor uses about starting each year off by asking why do we have to go to school? why is it required that we do? really resonated with me.I was always bad at Math really from the 4th grade learning multiplication facts and on from there I really struggled. I had always had teachers that just gave me equations and formulas to memorize and plug numbers into and I got so lost. It was just last week when my Math 144 professor explained to my class why the formula for a circumference of circle works, when I realized how detrimental the "plug-and-chug" method is for kids. Shor argues that if just focus on trying to get kids to learn information that we as educators are missing the boat when it comes to educating children as we are missing a large aspect of the educational purpose. He does say that obviously we need to make sure kids are learning but a key part of the curriculum should be about socialization.
Points to share:
Do you think our schools are focused enough on socialization or are they too focused on academics?


  1. Hey Hannah! I really liked your blog and I'm using it for my extended comments this week. Hope that's ok!

  2. Hi Hannah,

    funny picture! The parallel you made between Shor and Delpit is true regarding teaching students how to socialize i.e. codes of power. Especially, as you said, when students speak to each other their socialization skills improve. Currently, I beleive socialization is integrated in class projects and curriculum, particularly in the Grade Span Expectations (GSE) for oral communication.

  3. Hi Hannah,
    Great post I also loves how you made a connection between Shor and Delpit. To answer your question I do not feel schools are focused enough on socialization. Students need to learn to communicate about ideas and thoughts. I feel as though right now we are only teaching them to repeat back what they hear from us.

  4. Hi Hannah! Really liked your blog this week! Used some of your points as connections in my blog this week! Great job!